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THE LOVE ORACLE is designed to shed light on all the various relationship situations you encounter in life. It is packed with words of wisdom, clarity, and advice to help you gain insight into yourself and your interactions with others.

THE LOVE ORACLE is based on the principle that there are no coincidences in life, that everything you draw to you happens for a reason. So, out of the 12,960,000 combinations of words of solace and advice from the 240 cards, the four cards you pick at any given time will have a special meaning and value for you. Be willing to learn and grow from the messages the cards give you at any particular time.

The Game can be played with one person alone, or with a group of people, each person playing one at a time.

Register to play up to three times for free. If you want to play more and use the Love Oracle as a tool to help you identify issues that are holding you back in your relationships, we offer a yearly subscription for $12.95.

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