About World of God

World of God provides support for OFCB school in Bayonnais, Haiti through student sponsorships.

To empower and equip impoverished young people with life skills to become self-sufficient, impact their communities, and achieve their dreams.


World of God is dedicated to developing a close, personal relationship between the sponsor and student. We encourage sponsors to write to students and vice-versa. Our coordinators in the developing country work with the students to not only help them understand letter writing (a new concept to most of the students!), but to also help them express their lives through the words they use in the letters. We encourage donors to visit the student they support as part of mission trips.

Financial Accountability

Your contribution directly supports a student and the educational process of which he or she is a part, meeting the most immediate needs of your student and the community. Our partners in the developing countries are accountable for these funds and insure that your student is in school with needs provided for. World of God is committed to full disclosure and accountability for financial reporting. Annual audited statements are posted on the World of God web site. World of God is a 501c3 tax exempt corporation approved by the U.S. Department of Internal Revenue. All donations are tax deductible. Tax reporting and Form 990 are available on our website.

Ways to support World of God

The primary vehicle for supporting World of God is through Scholarships, consisting of four components:
  • SPONSOR: a child for $40/month or SPONSOR now.
  • WRITE to your sponsored child: You are invited to begin a relationship by writing to provide encouragement and a window into your world.
  • GO: Visit Bayonnais and make new friends while you personally meet the student you support.
  • PRAYER: As you become a part of the student’s life, you will learn about the community, and pray for their needs.

Our Board Members